About Me

My name is Morgan Wegner, and I am a freelance developmental and copy editor based out of Seattle. I have a passion for grammar, and equal love for both the meaty themes and gritty details of a story. I believe that telling stories is what makes us human, and it would be a privilege to help you tell yours.

I attended the University of Washington, where I earned a B.A. in English and Creative Writing, with a particular interest in speculative fiction. While I was in school, I took the opportunity to study Screenwriting through the UW's extended learning program, where I developed an intense love for three-act structure and streamlined storytelling. 

I have been editing books since January of 2017, which makes me a young editor in the publishing world. However, I have years of experience working in a plethora of different industries before I came to book editing, which gives me a unique perspective, and I approach every client with an enthusiasm that can't be beat. Additionally, I am a member of the Northwest Independent Editors Guild.

Interests & specialties

While novels are my specialty, I also love to edit short stories, collections of short stories, comics, games, and screenplays. I am open to editing other written mediums, with the exception of poetry.

I work in a variety of genres, including non-fiction, travelogue, and memoir, but my heart belongs to science fiction and magical realism, especially if there's a fairy tale involved. Is your book weird? Is it meta? Do you hate it when people ask what genre it is because you don't have a good answer? Sounds great. I can't wait to read it.