Developmental Editing

As a developmental editor, it is my job to give authors a new perspective on their work, and to steer them toward a compelling, well-crafted story. I believe that books work best when they are exactly as long as they need to be and not a word longer. To that end, I'm always watching for the purpose of any given scene, character, or plot thread, and I'm not shy about cutting the chaff. 

That said, your book is your baby, and the editorial process can be harrowing, especially for first-time authors. That's why my feedback is about what I like as much as it is about what's not working. Encouragement is important, and a good editor always keeps compassion close at hand.


Copy-editing & proofreading

Think of me as your personal terminator, but for grammar. I will re-educate your sentences and assassinate your typos. I will stalk your comma splices into the tall grass and tear them limb from limb. I will devour your mistakes and leave nothing in their wake.